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Insurance Fraud

The bulk of casework at Badger State Reporting Service involves worker’s compensation claims, or disability fraud. In this scenario, an employee might either exaggerate or fabricate an injury claim in an effort to collect short and long-term disability insurance. Fraudulent disability claims cost American insurance payers billions yearly and can financially ruin small businesses. Badger State Reporting Service has a strong track record for providing professional investigative services for Midwest insurance adjusters. We have big-name references within the industry and long-term relationships with our clients.

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Unlike our national competitors, Badger State Reporting Service collects above-average video time, and supplies thorough reports that are turned in within hours, not weeks. Badger State Reporting Service does not employ low-paid, inexperienced investigators. Our experienced field agents earn the lion’s share of our profits and maintain good, direct relationships with our clients. Where national companies aim for quantity, we strive for quality. We focus on results, not on billing. Our rates are always lower than the big three national agencies and as we are all from the Midwest, we know your state inside and out. Badger State Reporting Service takes the worker’s comp cases other companies give up on.

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Activity Surveillance

Any personal action performed outside of private domain can be observed and documented by Badger State Reporting Service. We conduct discrete video, photographic, and audio surveillance under almost any conditions, anywhere. Our video is compiled to an easy to use DVD format and is accompanied by a detailed, court-ready report complete with timelines and background information.

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Example: A landscaping company is concerned that their employees are cutting corners on yard maintenance. Badger State Reporting Service is hired to follow the work crew for a day and discretely videotape them in the process of their duties. A detailed report is written and provided to the employer.

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Background Checks

These days, weather you’re running a background check on a perspective tenant, gathering information on a potential new employee, or you’re just curious about the criminal history of someone special, Badger State Reporting Service can provide information that just doesn’t show up on any open-records database. Gathering solid background information on an individual can mean the difference between a fruitful relationship and a long-term headache. While most states have some form of criminal and civil database access, it is usually out-of-date, incomplete, and technically misleading. At Badger State, we can compile records no anyone, anywhere including criminal and civil records, utility records, property ownership, vehicle licensing, current and past addresses, phone numbers, marital status, child support and custody, employment records, military service, and personal data free and paid services can’t access. Badger State Reporting Service can gather personal data that other agencies don’t even have access to.

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Some Examples of our Background Checks:
• We have several landlord clients who routinely ask us to run detailed background checks on perspective tenants. Generally within 12 hours we provide criminal and civil information, credit history, and driver records. We also contact present employers and landlords by phone for verification. This service never costs more than $25.
• Often a small business will want to gather more detailed information than can be found on open records for a potential new employee. We will provide full criminal and civil information as well as residence history, credit status, and employment history. We will also speak directly with present and past employers for verification. This service typically runs $35.
• A home owner might consider hiring a contractor to replace a roof but she first wants to be sure that he has a solid history of completing jobs. Badger State will look at court records, employment history, and professional licensing generally for less than $40
• Sometimes a parent will be concerned about their daughter’s fiancée. We will provide data on criminal and civil charges, marital history, child-custody issues, and residential and employment status, generally for less than $35.
Cheating Partner/Spouse Investigation

While most states are no-fault, documented evidence of infidelity is an excellent tool to have when child custody and asset division become an issue. A good divorce attorney will hire an agency like Badger State Reporting Service to document spousal behavior long before a divorce is finalized. While a person may know for sure that their spouse is cheating, video evidence is essential to any formal hearing. Photographs don’t lie and when bias and hearsay abound, a private investigator will provide the unbiased element in a sticky civil suit. Often times however, an unmarried individual will employ our services to discover their partner’s secret affairs. We often provide the factor in determining if a romantic relationship should go forward or be ended. Our sliding rate-scale makes discrete partner surveillance an affordable option when you just need to know.

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Example: A woman with an infant child is seeking an end to a marriage fraught with problems. Knowing that a custody issue will be inevitable, she hires Badger State Reporting Service to observe her soon-to-be ex-husband’s extra-marital activities. Badger State Reporting Service investigators follow the husband to an out-of-town tavern on days he claimed to be working. On one occasion the husband is filmed getting physical with a woman he met at the establishment. The information is compiled into a court-ready report and provided to the client for her future use. Badger State Reporting Service also provides in-court testimony free of charge.

Civil Investigations

Badger State Reporting Service provides investigative services covering a broad spectrum of civil issues from residential property use disputes, to property damage, harassment, slander, and all the myriad issues that arise between neighbors and fellow citizens. When an unbiased source is needed, Badger State Reporting Service can provide the necessary tools to win a civil dispute. With our sliding rate-scale, we offer an affordable source for un-biased reporting. We provide court-ready documentation and in-court testimony, free of charge.

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Example: Badger State Reporting Service is hired to investigate and document a land-use dispute between members of a suburban neighborhood and an adjoining landowner who has built a large pole-barn and performs noisy machining from within. We start the case by pulling all relevant property reports and zoning records. All subdivision homeowners are interviewed and equipment is set up to record audio and video over a period of days. Video and audio evidence are condensed into a court-ready report and noise level comparisons are made with other similar communities. The investigator may act as a witness and appeal to local officials. Otherwise the evidence is compiled into a report with zoning codes and local ordinances and is presented to the principles involved.

Business Fraud

Shrink is the term used to describe loss to a business due to internal and external theft, waste, paperwork errors and productivity loss. The previous year’s shrink among the nation’s retailers amounted to $46 billion. Agencies like Badger State Reporting Service assist businesses in preventing, investigating, and prosecuting internal and external theft. Badger State Reporting Service can provide investigative work to determine the cause of financial loss to a business, provide continuing physical security for a retail or theft-prone environment, and install surveillance hardware. Often, when internal theft or misappropriation is occurring in a business, it is best to bring in an outside agency who can provide discrete, un-biased observation and documentation.

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Example: A local retailer has experienced a particularly bad year of inventory shortage. Badger State Reporting Service is hired to discretely install hidden cameras throughout the physical location and provide recording and reviewing capability for the owner. With our many years of experience in business surveillance, we are able to identify high-risk areas of concern and pinpoint procedural deficiencies within the company. If the situation warrants, Badger State Reporting Service will imbed an undercover agent within the company as an employee to more closely identify internal fraud. Once evidence is gathered, video is complied, a report is written, and criminal or civil actions can be taken. Proper documentation can go far in recovering stolen assets as well as providing guidelines for future fraud prevention.

Accident Investigation

From automobile accidents to workplace injuries, Badger State Reporting Service will meticulously document, measure, and photograph the scene as well as interview witnesses and obtain background information on all subjects involved.

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Example: A slip-and-fall injury occurs at a packing plant. In short order, Badger State Reporting Service arrives at the location and photographically documents the scene. Measurements are taken including distance, weight, and light conditions. Statements are taken from those directly involved including witnesses. Background checks are conducted on all those directly involved in the accident to discover accident claim and civil history. Any findings of deception or incongruity are documented and reported. A detailed, court-ready report is written.

Electronic Eavesdropping (Bug) Sweeps

These days electronic eavesdropping devices (bugs) can be hidden just about anywhere. We personally have video cameras that are the size of a dime. These devices are cheaply obtained and are almost impossible to detect with conventional means. Many of our professional clients are justly concerned that their business activities are being monitored by rivals or thieves. The business of corporate espionage has dramatically grown in the past decade and the role of counter-intelligence has followed suit. Badger State Reporting Service can locate the devices most other agencies miss. As we use many of them ourselves, we know the tricks and methods for detection.

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Example: An insurance salesperson suspects that one of her former sales people have recruited an existing employee to steal the company’s leads and business contacts. Badger State Reporting Service is hired to bring in their surveillance equipment to perform a detailed search for sensory devices within the office. The phone, internet, and computer systems are all tested as well, and monitoring devices are sought out on the owner’s vehicle.

Child Support Investigation

Wisconsin’s child support laws only provide basic enforcement if the irresponsive parent holds legal employment. In many cases, the delinquent father will hold no tax-liable employment but will have a job with under-the-table pay. This happens all-too-often and Badger State Reporting Service can discover and document any off-the-books pay that is received by an obligor. Court-ready documentation of cash and undisclosed assets are compiled and provided to the custodial parent so that she can pursue legal action. A good private investigator can keep birth-parents honest and insure consistent monetary support for the life of the child.

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Example: A young woman has not received a child-support payment in 18 months. The state is enforcing payments but the obligor father has not had reportable income in two years. The mother suspects that the he has been working so Badger State Reporting Service is hired to discover his income source and assets. An investigator follows the father to an automobile repair shop where he is filmed performing work four days a week. It is also discovered that the negligent father purchased a motorcycle 6 months ago. The video evidence is put into a court-ready report and provided to the custodial parent so that she can pursue child support collections.

Judgment Recovery

Winning a civil case is only the first step in recovering what is justly yours. Typically, in Wisconsin, after a judgment is docketed, a plaintiff generally has 10 years to recover damages or assets. It is at this point that the court system terminates their role in your case. Badger State Reporting Service can locate debtors, discover assets and finances, and help recover monetary judgments. Attempting to collect money owed is typically impossible for a person who is on their own. Most plaintiffs just wait it out, hoping the debtor decides to pay their judgment and free their credit. Badger State Reporting Service can turn years of waiting for a payout that may never come into weeks for a full return.

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Example: A property owner wins an eviction case against a tenant who is ordered to pay $4000 in damages. The tenant simply does not pay their debt and the homeowner is left waiting. Badger State Reporting Service is hired and quickly discovers that the former tenant works for a local builder and owns a second vehicle. Video evidence is gathered along with an asset report. The landlord is able to use this information to have the debtor’s wages garnished, and their second vehicle sold at a sheriff’s auction. The cost of hiring a professional private investigator is insignificant compared with the damages finally won from the debtor.

Missing Persons

Very few people are able to go through their adult lives without leaving some sort of electronic paper-trail. Even those persons who don’t want to be found leave traces of their lives in subtle places. Badger State Reporting Service has the ability and far-reach to access personal data and records. When even that isn’t enough, our talented investigators can find and finagle information out of those people who are associated with the subject. Thirty years may be a long time to be missing, but it is also a long time for records to be left, and Badger State Reporting Service can collect that information. Our missing persons clients are often surprised when we are able to affordably locate a lost loved one within hours, from our office, while the client has spent years in a fruitless search.

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Example: A woman decides to locate her biological father who became estranged from his family 35 years ago. Badger State Reporting Service begins by searching through every database throughout the country. After locating a possible individual from a delinquent utility bill, our investigators narrow the search and focus on marital and property records in order to confirm identity and locate and address. We might contact neighbors and possible professional associates in an effort to discover useful information about the subject. Once the individual is found we may be asked to initiate contact with the subject in an effort to open communication with our client.