Missing Persons Investigations and Searches

Very few people are able to go through their adult lives without leaving some sort of electronic paper-trail. Even those persons who don’t want to be found leave traces of their lives in subtle places. Badger State Reporting Service has the ability and far-reach to access personal data and records. When even that isn’t enough, our talented investigators can find and finagle information out of those people who are associated with the subject. Thirty years may be a long time to be missing, but it is also a long time for records to be left, and Badger State Reporting Service can collect that information. Our missing persons clients are often surprised when we are able to affordably locate a lost loved one within hours, from our office, while the client has spent years in a fruitless search.

Example: A woman decides to locate her biological father who became estranged from his family 35 years ago. Badger State Reporting Service begins by searching through every database throughout the country. After locating a possible individual from a delinquent utility bill, our investigators narrow the search and focus on marital and property records in order to confirm identity and locate and address. We might contact neighbors and possible professional associates in an effort to discover useful information about the subject. Once the individual is found we may be asked to initiate contact with the subject in an effort to open communication with our client.