Insurance Fraud Investigations


The bulk of casework at Badger State Reporting Service involves worker’s compensation claims, or disability fraud. In this scenario, an employee might either exaggerate or fabricate an injury claim in an effort to collect short and long-term disability insurance. Fraudulent disability claims cost American insurance payers billions yearly and can financially ruin small businesses. Badger State Reporting Service has a strong track record for providing professional investigative services for Midwest insurance adjusters. We have big-name references within the industry and long-term relationships with our clients.

Unlike our national competitors, Badger State Reporting Service collects above-average video time, and supplies thorough reports that are turned in within hours, not weeks. Badger State Reporting Service does not employ low-paid, inexperienced investigators. Our experienced field agents earn the lion’s share of our profits and maintain good, direct relationships with our clients. Where national companies aim for quantity, we strive for quality. We focus on results, not on billing. Our rates are always lower than the big three national agencies and as we are all from the Midwest, we know your state inside and out. Badger State Reporting Service takes the worker’s comp cases other companies give up on.