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These days, whether you’re running a background check on a prospective tenant, gathering information on a potential new employee, or you’re just curious about the criminal history of someone special, Badger State Reporting Service can provide information that just doesn’t show up on any open-records database. Gathering solid background information on an individual can mean the difference between a fruitful relationship and a long-term headache.

While most states have some form of criminal and civil database access, it is usually out-of-date, incomplete, and technically misleading. At Badger State, we can compile records on anyone, anywhere including criminal and civil records, utility records, property ownership, vehicle licensing, current and past addresses, phone numbers, marital status, child support and custody, employment records, military service, and personal data that both free and paid services can not access.

Badger State Reporting Service can gather personal data that other agencies don’t even deal with. We charge only for the information we find, and our rates are the lowest in the state. Submit a request and a licensed detective will get back to you today with your information.

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