Q. What type of investigations do you perform for your professional clients?

A. Badger State Reporting Service provides the following services to our professional clients:

  • – insurance fraud investigations
    – AOE/COE investigations
    – video surveillance
    – recorded statements
    – locates and skip-tracing
    – activity/productivity checks
    – records searches
    – corporate investigations
    – background checks
    – theft detection and investigation
    – accident investigation

Q. Who are your investigators and how is your team different from competitors?

A. Only the owners and field manager are assigned to work the cases of our professional clients. We never hire sub-contractors to work your cases. We guarantee that your investigator will have over 10 years of experience and will be well-compensated. Badger State Reporting Service will not put inexperienced and low-paid investigators on your case. Our competitors typically pay their investigators anywhere between $14 and 17$ hourly. Badger State Reporting Service investigators are paid the lions-share of our profits; between 70% and 80% of the case revenue.

Q. There are other private investigation agencies out there. Why should I trust you to take the case?

A. Badger State Reporting Service is comprised of investigators with a great deal of experience in the field. We have former law enforcement, legal, technical, and military backgrounds within our agency. We take and solve cases our competitors fail at. We employ a broad range of technology to assist in gathering evidence and building cases. We go where other investigative agencies won’t go. We do not hire inexperienced investigators and the owners and field investigator personally work cases for our professional clients.

Q. I see that there are a few national private investigation companies that provide services to clients in all states. Why should I hire a smaller company?

A. National PI companies hire investigators for anywhere between $12 and $17 hourly. These inexperienced individuals have very little oversight and are expected to go from one case to the next, often remaining within the field for weeks at a time. The experienced investigators at Badger State Reporting Service earn the lions-share of our profits and know the Midwest inside and out. Who do you think is going to provide you with quality investigations? Badger State Reporting Service often charges less than our national competitors. There is no advantage to hiring a national agency. If you do not choose Badger State Reporting Service as your agency, please choose a local, state-based agency.

Q. On a typical case, what can I expect out of Badger State Reporting Service?

A. You can expect the following from our team of professionals:

1. Planning: Before going out on a case, Badger State Reporting Service compiles complete background information that can assist in the case. We run property reports, criminal reports, vehicle information, employment relationships, and any other electronic-generated reports to ensure that we provide the most productivity for our client’s dollar.

2. Communication: We establish routine contact with our clients to update them of our findings and situation. We believe our clients should be aware of changes and case status so that they can make an informed decision for changes in the investigation, continuation, or early case termination.

3. Documentation: Badger State Reporting Service takes pride in the fact that we obtain above-average video evidence for our clients. We employ video cameras, stationary hidden cameras, audio recorders, body-worn cameras, and tracking devices to capture a wealth of evidence from subjects. We document specific times, places, names, conditions, and conversations to supplement our video evidence.

4. Assessment: While our competitors typically just generate as many billable hours as possible, Badger State Reporting Service takes a big-picture approach when conducting cases. We determine the best, most cost-effective approach to running an investigation in an effort to close cases efficiently and with a maximum of discovery.

5. Professionalism: Badger State Reporting Service investigators are experienced and come from industry-relevant backgrounds. As private investigators, it is not our goal to ‘catch’ anyone in a particular action. We use our education and experience to provide investigations with methods consistent with Wisconsin and federal laws and regulations. Every action taken by Badger State Reporting Service is conducted with legal and civil consequences in mind. We understand that we may be called upon to testify in court. We always act to preserve the professional integrity of our clients and we protect the privacy and well-being of all parties involved.

6. Report: All investigators at Badger State Reporting Service follow a company standard report format. Our reports are always court-ready and are reviewed for punctuation, chronological, and content errors. We take a detailed approach to report writing and you can expect our final reports to list specifics. Our reports are dry and completely objective. We submit daily updates and our final reports are submitted as hard-copy and digitally within days of a case completion. Video evidence is burned to DVD. We provide in-court testimony free of charge.

7. Integrity: Badger State Reporting Service provides hourly proof-shots as well as GPS records of our own investigators. The owners of Badger State Reporting Service have worked as employees of other PI companies in the past and as a result have learned the tricks of less-than-honest agencies. Between our routine communication and our proofs, our clients are never left wondering where their dollars go.

Q. If I hire your team of investigators, how do I know that my time is not just being wasted?

A. With any other Wisconsin-based PI agency, you do not know if the investigator is sleeping, distracted, or even on the case. At Badger State Reporting Service, we provide hourly video evidence, constant communication with our client, and GPS tracking information of our own investigators.


Q. What will I get for my money if I hire Badger State Reporting Service?

A. Besides a highly productive investigation, you will receive a digital and hard-copy report and a DVD containing video evidence. Our reports are professionally written with specific detail and are court-ready. If need be, our investigators will provide in-court testimony free of charge.


Q. I have a case that needs working right now. What kind of time-frame can you give me for initiating a new case?

A. Generally a new case can be worked the next day. Rush cases can always be worked immediately but we may charge an additional fee. As we preserve our most experienced investigators for our professional clients, we generally can work the case on your time-frame. Cases are worked on an as-need schedule based on our client’s wishes as well as the demands of the case itself. Updates and reports are always turned in immediately upon proof-checking.


Q. How do you bill?

A. We do not charge our professional clients a retainer. We expect payment by check or credit-card within 6 months of case completion or as deemed necessary for ongoing cases. For domestic clients we charge a small retainer and then bill upon completion of the case. We have never had a client default on a payment.

Q. I heard hiring a private investigator is expensive. Is this true?

A. Badger State Reporting Service bills their clients on a sliding scale. We will work within your financial means to provide you with professional investigative services.

Q. I’ve sunk a lot of money into private investigation agencies in the past and have gotten poor results. What kind of guarantee will I get that I will have spent my money wisely?

A. To be honest, you will get no guarantee from us or any other private investigation agency in the country. Legally and ethically, PIs are paid for their time, not their results. Many of our competitors are only interested in engineering a case to maximize their billable hours and move from client to client. We want to be your primary go-to agency and we want your word-of-mouth advertising. In addition, Badger State Reporting Service investigators will keep in close contact with you to appraise you of any developments. We will discontinue cases if we believe the subject is away or otherwise inactive in an effort to protect our clients from being billed for unproductive time.

Q. Is the cost of hiring a private investigator really worth it?

A. The cost of hiring a PI is insignificant compared with the savings or winnings that will result from a legal or civil proceeding that is won with the help of a licensed detective agency.


Q. I know my spouse is cheating on me. Why would I need to hire a private investigator?

A. When a divorce or child-custody battle is impending, it is important to have the video evidence and testimony of a licensed private investigator for court and other officiated proceedings. An investigator’s findings will go much farther in court than the biased statements of an involved party.

Q. I want to hire a private investigator to watch my spouse but I’m afraid that he will find out. Can you still help me?

A. Privacy and discretion are priority considerations for our investigators. We have means of discreet communication and billing. We represent our clients exclusively and we protect the safety and privacy of all subjects involved.

Q. If I hire a private investigation agency to watch my spouse and they do not discover any cheating, do I still have to pay?

A. At Badger State Reporting Service we pride ourselves in our ability to gather evidence and provide above-average results to our clients. It is important to note however that investigators are hired for their time and not for specific results. It does occasionally happen that the subjects of our investigations remain concealed from view or are not actually engaged in ‘wrong doing’. While we make every effort to discover evidence, we do charge no matter the outcome.

Q. I want to hire a private investigator to watch my estranged spouse but I’m worried that I’ll just be wasting my money if my spouse happens to be out-of-town for the weekend. What do you do in these cases?

A. Badger State Reporting Service investigators will keep in close contact with you to appraise you of any developments. We will discontinue cases if we believe the subject is away or otherwise inactive in an effort to protect our clients from being billed for unproductive time.

Q. I can never seem to get the evidence that I need. How could you do any better?

A. Badger State Reporting Service has a track-record for excellence in the field of investigations and evidence-gathering. You would be surprised at the methods and resources we use to solve your case.


Q. Are your available for consultations, or if I have questions about your services?

A. Give us a call or send us an email. Our consultation is always free of charge whether it is by phone or in person. Call us (262) 844-6603 or (800) 408-1496, or email us at

Q. I have an odd case; I’m not sure if a private investigator can help me.

A. Between all of the investigators here at Badger State Reporting Service, we’ve seen it all. Give is a call and we will be happy to discuss it with you.