Cheating Partner/Spouse Investigation

While Wisconsin is a no-fault state, documented evidence of infidelity is an excellent tool to have when child custody and asset division become an issue. A good divorce attorney will hire an agency like Badger State Reporting Service to document spousal behavior long before a divorce is finalized. While a person may know for sure that their spouse is cheating, video evidence is essential to any formal hearing. Photographs don’t lie and when bias and hearsay abound, a private investigator will provide the unbiased element in a sticky civil suit. Often times however, an unmarried individual will employ our services to discover their partner’s secret affairs. We often provide the factor in determining if a romantic relationship should go forward or be ended. Our sliding rate-scale makes discrete partner surveillance an affordable option when you just need to know.

Example: A woman with an infant child is seeking an end to a marriage fraught with problems. Knowing that a custody issue will be inevitable, she hires Badger State Reporting Service to observe her soon-to-be ex-husband’s extra-marital activities. Badger State Reporting Service investigators follow the husband to an out-of-town tavern on days he claimed to be working. On one occasion the husband is filmed getting physical with a woman he met at the establishment. The information is compiled into a court-ready report and provided to the client for her future use. Badger State Reporting Service also provides in-court testimony free of charge.